Anchor Butter … It’s from New Zealand … isn’t it?

I have always associated Anchor butter with New Zealand, the packs on UK supermarket shelves  used to state “New Zealand Butter”.

But it seems that is no longer the case.

The Anchor brand is owned by the New Zealand based Fonterra Co-operative Group. At some point Fonterra licensed use of the ‘Anchor’ brand name in the United Kingdom to the British arm of the European dairy Co-operative Arla Foods. Then in August 2012 Arla move production of Anchor butter to the UK. Comments on this article on The Grocer web site show that some customers do not appreciate the change in taste the switch has brought.

Anchor butter used to be marketed as ‘The Free Range Butter‘ based on the fact that the New Zealand climate meant cows can graze outside on grass all through the year. Here in the UK cattle are fed alternatives such as silage during the winter months.

I have a cotton shopping bag given away by the old Anchor which boasts “Our cows graze outdoors all year long’ enjoying fresh grass and lush pastures – naturally“. I scanned the front and back of the bag and include the images below.

Do you remember the old ‘Dancing Cows‘ television adverts for Anchor butter? I found one on YouTube which is also below.

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