Buying Tyres On The Internet

Below is a piece I wrote in January 2013 about getting the best value for money when buying tyres.

Checking on the web before buying tyres rather than just turning up at a fast fit tyre centre gives you more choice and a chance to browse what is available at different dealers.

The only thing I can add is that as well as checking the exclusively web based tyre dealers such as Blackcircles you can check prices online and book with traditional tyre centres such as National Tyres, Kwikfit and Formula One Autocentres.

Over the many years I have been driving like most motorists I have purchased a good number of tyres. Previously it has often been a pretty much hit and miss affair when it comes to knowing if I have got a good deal.

Sometimes I have phoned around asking prices, a pretty boring and time consuming thing to do. Unless you have a specific make and model of tyre in mind it is very hard to try and compare deals.

Even when dealers quote for a specific make of tyre such as Firestone or Michelin, without asking you cannot be sure you are comparing like for like. Dealer A may be offering a Goodyear Eagle NCT 5 and dealer B a Goodyear Excellence.

Recently I have noticed several internet based tyre dealers appear, and so needing a pair of front tyres decided to get some on-line quotes.

The deal is you tell them what size tyre you need, or they can even find the size for you if you input your number plate. They then list what tyres they can offer you. You get a very wide choice of makes and tread patterns, everything from budget to premium brands. They will quote you a price inclusive of fitting at a local tyre dealer or garage, or you have the option of delivery straight to your door if you want to arrange fitting yourself.

The three web sites I got quotes from were Mytyres, Black Circles and Best Buy Tyres. I had the luxury of looking at the what was on offer at my leisure, no pressure this time from the salesperson standing behind the counter who was eager to sell me the tyre he wanted for reasons of stock or commission. I could see the new style efficiency ratings for each tyre. When I spotted something I thought a likely candidate I Googled it to see what reviews I could find.

I settled for a pair of Hankook K115 tyres. I chose the local dealer I wanted to fit them and the date I wanted them fitted , and then paid on-line. The company, Best Buy Tyres in my case, then got the tyres to the dealer who was expecting me when I turned up for fitting.

I am extremely impressed and will certainly be buying my car tyres on-line again in the future.

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