Changing electricity supplier

I wrote the piece below back in the autumn of 2013. Since then I have changed electricity companies twice to get the best deal available at the time.

If you have not swapped energy suppliers recently it really is worth spending a few minutes on a comparison site such as Comparethemarket or Uswitch to see what is out there.

Often it will be the smaller companies you have not heard of before who offer the best prices.

The news recently has heavily featured the announcements of price rises for gas and electricity from the big utility companies.

Now out here in the sticks we do not have the luxury of mains gas but around a year ago I did swap to a fixed price deal for my electricity supply. I am currently with one of the smaller power companies, Ovo Energy, and have been perfectly happy with their service.

With my electricity price about to go up as my fixed term expires I decided it was time to check again to see if I would be better off swapping supplier. This is really straightforward using web sites such as Uswitch and Moneysupermarket. Using a recent bill you just enter your existing usage, ie how much you pay per month or quarter, and what plan you are on with which supplier and it gives a list of what other companies would cost and how much less or more that is compared to what you pay now.

In my case there were a couple of companies offering very slightly cheaper prices that I have been paying but I decided to actually swap to a tariff from Npower that is fixed until April 2015 which works out at almost exactly the same price as I am currently paying with Ovo Energy.

Swapping energy supplier is really easy and straightforward and I would recommend to anyone that they check to see if they can save money by switching.

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