Check Food Standards Agency food outlet hygiene ratings online

You have probably noticed the green Food Standards Agency stickers on all sorts of food outlets from takeaways to restaurants to supermarkets. These show the rating given to the premises from a low of zero to a top performing five.

You may also have spotted that not all those selling food bother to show their ‘scores on the doors’ notice telling customers there FSA rating. It tends to be those that have a commendable 4 or a 5 shout it out to their customers.

What about places that do not display a green sticker? How do you find out the food hygiene rating for those who are not so forthcoming? Have they just not bothered putting the sticker up or are they trying to hide a low rating?

How to find out the FSA rating of somewhere.

The answer to this is straightforward. The Food Standards Agency website has a search facility that lets you see the hygiene ratings for restaurants, takeaways and other businesses preparing and selling food. You can search by business name, town or postcode, and it is easy to sort the results to see the highest or lowest rated.

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