How to check what internet speeds you should be getting on your phone line.

Do you know what speed you should expect to be getting on your internet connection? Is your internet slower than you were led to expect when you signed up? It happens to many of us, especially if like me you live in a rural location.

But where is the issue? Is it your ISP, your own equipment, or the phone line to your house?

Well the connection from the exchange to your premises is something you can check online. On the BT web site they have a tool called the BT BROADBAND AVAILABILITY CHECKER. To use it type in your phone number and click submit, a list of expected speeds will appear for your line.

If you do not have a BT phone line, or one linked to BT equipment at the exchange you can still use the tool. In this case you need to click through the link to the address checker or postcode checker. This is not as accurate but still gives a good indication of expected internet speeds.

Traditional Broadband and Fibre Broadband speeds.

All users will see the speed they should be getting via traditional copper cables. If fibre optic broadband is available in your area these potential speeds will be displayed too. This should give you a good idea if it would make sense to swap to a fibre broadband package

How do I check what speed I am actually getting?

How do you check if the broadband speed you are actually achieving is within what BT say you should get? Well the easiest option is to use an online speed test. There are many out there, such as Broadband Speedchecker.

And if I want to swap to fibre broadband, or just change internet service provider?

Well you could use a comparison site like Broadbandchoices to see who offers you the best deal. Or you could go straight to the major player’s web sites, such as BT, TalkTalk, Plusnet, Sky, EE and Vodafone. If you live in a Virgin cable area you should check them out too.

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