Cleaning brown limescale stains from a toilet pan

Faced with a toilet pan with a heavy build up of brown limescale how would you clean it?

This was a problem I faced a while back. It was heavily discoloured and looked awful. Nothing I tried seemed to shift it. I even tried pouring boiling water down it and adding kettle descaler, no joy.

I turned to Google which threw up various ideas. One suggestion was pouring Coca Cola down the toilet bowl and leaving it there overnight.

A solution that worked!

Eventually I found someone suggesting Spirits of Salt. I was not familiar with this chemical. It turns out Spirits of Salt is an old fashioned name for hydrochloric acid (HCl).

It had to be worth a try.

I found that 500ml bottles of Spirits of Salt where on sale by mail order on both Ebay and Amazon. I went ahead and placed an order.

Using spirits of salt.

I poured it down the toilet pan where it started fizzing gently . I did not hold out much hope but left to do its thing.

Around eight hours later I returned and flushed the loo a couple of times. I surprised straight away how much cleaner it looked. A scrub with the toilet brush removed what limescale was left leaving a bright clean toilet pan.

I wish I had found this stuff first, it would have saved a lot of time.

This is a strong acid, it needs handling with great care. Rubber gloves are a must and do not breathe the fumes.

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