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When looking for information on a subject I find I often end up on internet forums where ordinary web users exchange their thoughts and knowledge, there are some such as Money Saving Expert I make a point of regularly visiting.

Some of the most interesting forums I have happened upon while searching for something else have been those set up by employees of a company to discuss their job and employer. Trying to see what info was available on the Tesco Hudl tablet computer recently I stumbled across Very Little Helps, the ironically named unofficial Tesco employee forum. I spent some time reading the forum posts in the Dot Com section devoted to Tesco Home Delivery drivers.

The other similar forums that offer an informative insight into an industry are those that are frequented by those in that trade. At the time of the horrific crash on the M5 in November 2011 I found a lorry drivers discussion group that was particularly active.

If you have the web address of any work related forums or discussion groups that might be interesting to others feel free to post them in the comments section below.

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