How much to park in Bridport on a Saturday? (or Sunday)

This article was written in July 2015. According to Parkopedia the price difference still holds in 2019. One thing has changed, the Cafe Royal is now a branch of Domino’s Pizza.

Come into Bridport from the West and the first public car park you will encounter is the private one on Tannery Road next to the Cafe Royal. Knowing the town I had not taken much notice of that particular car park as the council run long stay car parks are just a little further up Tannery Road and around the corner behind Waitrose you have the council short stay car park. For outsiders visiting the town I guess things are different, they will just use the first car park with free spaces they come across.

Recently a friend mentioned the prices in this privately owned car park and so I made a point of looking and photographing the tariff sign.

The thing that shouts out is the prices are considerably higher on a Saturday than they are on other days. This seems like deliberately exploiting the fact that Saturday is the day visitors come to Bridport for the street market, especially the antique and bric-a-brac stalls on South Street.

The other obvious issue is that park in this car park on a Sunday and you need to pay the same as you would Monday to Friday, park in a West Dorset District Council car park on the same road in Bridport on a Sunday and you park free.

At the end of the day it is private property and they can charge what they can get away with, but as far as I am concerned this leaves a nasty taste in the mouth.

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