Is it just me that finds the Audrey Hepburn Galaxy chocolate advert a bit creepy?

What do you think about the Audrey Hepburn television advert for Galaxy chocolate? Personally I find it creepy.

Of course this isn’t the real Audrey Hepburn. The star of films such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s and My Fair Lady died aged 63 back in 1993. This is a computer generated young Audrey Hepburn. The CGI Hepburn is cleverly blended into a nostalgically filmed scene.

It is obvious a lot of time and money went into this TV advert, but I still feel it is a little disturbing.

If you haven’t seen it take a look below.

In America the same advert advertised Dove chocolate.

Looking for the video I came across an American version of the same advert.

In America Mars don not sell Galaxy chocolate, they sell Dove chocolate instead. Early in the advert we Brit’s see a bar of Galaxy in artificial Audrey’s bag. In that scene our friends across the pond see a Dove chocolate bar.


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