Looking for a phone number? Here is a free Directory Enquiry service.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a number you could call for free directory enquiries?

Well there is an 0800 number you could try, the number is 0800 118 3733.

This service is funded by advertising. When I called to see if it worked I had to listen to a promotional message before I was asked who I was looking for. In my case I got messages TalkTalk.

When you phone 0800 118 3733 you reach an automated system where you talk to a computer using voice recognition rather than a human operator. This does not seem to be a problem most of the time. It found two business telephone numbers for me quite straightforwardly but struggled when I tried a third .

Make sure you have pen and paper at hand to write down the number which is clearly read out by a computer generated voice.

0800 numbers are free from landlines. Mobile phone have traditionally charged for calling 0800 numbers, but regulator Ofcom have ruled that this must change, probably from late 2014.

How to remember 0800 118 3733

So how do you remember the freephone number 0800 118 3733?

Well it splits down into three parts:

  • 0800 – 0800 is the standard freephone number prefix
  • 118 – 118 is the number Directory Enquiry numbers start with in the UK
  • 3733 – The letters on your telephone keypad spell out FREE when you dial 3733

The alternatives to 0800 118 3733

Of course there are always the paid Directory Enquiries services such as the much advertised 118 118, Maureen 118 212, and 118 500 from BT.

All of these charge for your enquiry, and will then charge you for the subsequent call should you take up their offer to put you straight through rather than dialling the number you want yourself

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