This Morrisons ‘British Roast Chicken’ Soup is actually made in the Netherlands!

I spotted these rather posh looking cans of soup on an aisle end display in a Morrisons supermarket.

The label announces “The Best British Roast Chicken Soup”. Towards the bottom of there is a Union Jack with “British Chicken” written below.

Being a nerd I turned a can upside down to look at the European identification mark. I was looking to see if I could work out who was making them for Morrisons. I expected to see a UK origin mark but no, the code was NL 43 EG. The NL bit means these tins of soup are manufactured in the Netherlands.

But hang on the can says it contains British chicken.

This must mean British chicken meat goest across to the Netherlands. There it included in the canned soup recipe. Finally it journeys back to Britain to end up on the shelf in a Morrisons supermarket.

So who are NL 43 EG?

How do you decode these European identification marks? The web site is a good starting place.

I entered the code NL 43 EG. It revealed “Morrisons The Best British Roast Chicken Soup” is produced in the Netherlands by Struik Foods.

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  1. So the Lidl Newgate chunky beef and vegetable soup I have in my cupboard is made by that Dutch company? It has NG43EG on the bottom of the tin.

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