Naughty Co-operative

I wrote the piece below back in June 2013.

The store concerned is no longer a Co-op. It was one of the old Somerfield supermarkets acquired by The Co-operative that since been sold on to other retailers.

Since then the Co-op has started a process of re-inventing itself, including going back to its old cloverleaf logo.

Wandering around a local Co-operative supermarket this afternoon I spotted bags of frozen broad beans in the freezer section. Now I am rather partial to broad beans and regularly buy frozen ones, and I am enough of a nerd to know that at the big supermarkets the 500g or 750 g bags normally work out at £2 per kg.

The shelf edge label in the Co-op declared these broad beans were £1.65 per kg based on it being a 907g bag for £1.50, but hang on, this bag is clearly labelled 750g and £1.50! So the bags are smaller than stated on the shelf edge and consequently £2 per kg not £1.65.

The Co-operative movement was founded back in the nineteenth century on the principles of honest fair trading, they have slipped up badly on those here!
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