Newspaper offer – Cordless mini dehumidifiers

I picked up a few things in Waitrose a while back and took advantage of their free newspaper for myWaitrose cardholders and picked up a copy of The Observer.

Towards the back of the newspaper I spotted on of those ‘readers offers‘ style adverts for ‘Cordless mini dehumidifiers‘.

Now I own a full size electric dehumidifier and so was curious as to how a ‘cordless mini dehumidifier‘ would work. The blurb in the advert said they use no toxic crystals to remove moisture and that when the indicator turned from blue to pink the crystals could be dried out by plugging the unit into the mains electricity supply.

A Google search found these same units on sale from both Clifford James and Coopers of Stortford.

The descriptions from these two sellers throw up some interesting points.

Coopers of Stortford tell us the units use ‘special 100% renewable, non-toxic ‘water glass’ silica gel crystals to soak up moisture‘. Now silica gel is the stuff in those little moisture absorbing packets that come in the packaging with new electrical goods.

Silica gel crystals can be dried out again by warming them gently, this explains how the units are ‘recharged’. This obviously releases the trapped water back into the atmosphere and so should be done away from the area you have been trying to dry out.

Clifford James say the ‘weight of the dehumidifier will increase by 120 grams‘ before they need to be plugged. That must mean each unit absorbs 120 grams of water, now 1 millilitre of water weighs 1 gram so 120g equals 120ml extracted. 120ml is less than a quarter of a pint.

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