When Norris Cole was called Carlos – Coronation Street 1974

I took this screen grab of an old Coronation Street episode some time ago. I believe it is from an episode broadcast at Christmas in 1974.

Why did I keep the picture? It was because of the rather inappropriate gesture Ray Langton on the left is making. As this was a Christmas episode I assume he was demonstrating how to stuff the turkey.

The other man in the picture is a character called Carlos. Now Carlos was a Spanish waiter who was romantically involved with Mavis Riley.

But why does this Spanish waiter look familiar? A search turned up the answer.

The actor who played Carlos in 1974 and 1975 is Malcolm Hebden. Twenty years later Malcolm Hebden returned to the cobbles of Coronation Street. This time he played the part of Norris Cole.

Norris Cole has remained on Coronation Street far longer than Carlos did. He has become a core character. Known and loved by viewers for his gossiping and his judging the lives of his neighbours.

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