Not the most obvious place to buy engine oil

Where do you but oil to top up your car’s engine? Do you grab a bottle of Castrol Magnatec or Mobil 1 oil from the petrol station when refuelling? Or maybe you go to Halfords and pick from the range of engine oil grades on sale?

Have you considered buying motor oil over the internet and getting it delivered? If not maybe you should.

I have been buying oil for my car from Eurocarparts. They seem competitive on price and deliver to the door.

How do I know I am buying the right oil for my car?

Eurocarparts make answering the question “What oil is right for my car” simple. Enter your vehicle registration into their web site and they will find the make and model of your car or van. Next you confirm they have found your vehicle. Do that and you see a range of suitable oils of the correct viscosity to choose from.

One advantage of buying from Eurocarparts is the choice of brands. Alongside the major names Eurocarparts have an own brand oil called Triple QX. They also sell some more niche brands. I bought a 4 litre can of Petronas Syntium engine oil for my car, well if it is good enough for the Mercedes Formula 1 team.

Do you do more maintenance than topping up the oil? Eurocarparts also supply oil filters, air filters, spark plugs and other service consumables.

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