A tall red fingerpost near Chard, Somerset

I have already written about the four Dorset red fingerposts dotted around the county. Just across the Somerset border there is another red post. This one can be found a short distance from Chard on the road to Wambrook.

As can be seen in the picture this red post is rather different to the Dorset ones. Instead of the Dorset roundel this one is topped with the Somerset ‘SCC’ pyramid finial. The pole is exceptionally tall, and tapers getting narrower as it goes up. The word ‘SOMERSET’ is cast vertically into the cast metal pole.

It is interesting to note the obvious repair to the finger pointing to Wambrook. This looks as if it has been snapped in half at some point.

There are other photographs of this red post location on Geograph. They are obviously earlier. The fingerpost seems much shorter in these, I am guessing it has been replaced and updated in recent years. Can anyone throw any light on this? When did it happen and why? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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