Taxi drivers, a rant about driving standards

Looking back I came across this short piece I wrote in 2010. I don’t drive as many miles as I did then these days but unfortunately I still see the occasional arrogant manoeuvre from a taxi driver that makes me wary of them all.

What gives so many taxi drivers the idea that the rules of the road and common courtesy to other drivers doesn't apply to them?

Sorry to all the countless taxi drivers out there who no doubt are doing a sterling job in the face of adversity, but a substantial number of your colleagues are giving your profession a bad name.

Today's rant has been prompted by a taxi driver I encountered earlier today. We were approaching each other on a reasonably busy road when he decided that he could cut across my path and turn right causing me to brake hard. Most taxi misdemeanour's I've witnessed haven't been on that scale in terms of dangerous driving, but they do seem to happen regularly enough for me to treat every taxi I encounter as a loose cannon.

And don't try to make the excuse they are professional drivers. There are loads of  vehicles out there being driven for a living, vans, lorries etc, none seem to to show the same level of disrespect to other road users as a certain section of the taxi driving fraternity.

Rant over.

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