The Muddled Man – Is this the best pub name ever?

Venturing away from the relative safety of West Dorset into the uncharted wilds of South Somerset if you stray off the main road north of Crewkerne you could find yourself in the village of West Chinnock. There you will find what has to be a strong candidate for the best named pub in the country, the Muddled Man.

The Muddled Man is a traditional village pub, thankfully unspoilt by modernisers, which prides itself on its ever changing selection of well kept real ales.

According to the pub’s web site this seventeenth century building has been used as a pub since the late nineteenth century when it was known as The New Inn. It did not gain the Muddled Man name until the 1970s having briefly been called by another strange and unusual name, The Salamander.

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