Tractors on our roads, a gripe or two

Living here in the rural South West it is pretty normal to encounter tractors and other agricultural vehicles on the roads as we drive around, especially when farmers are hay-making, silaging, etc, etc. During the summer the tractors on our lanes seem to be larger and moving faster than normal, and you see them off of their normal patch on the main A roads too.

Like others I get annoyed when I get stuck behind a trailer load of straw, or have to reverse a fair distance in a narrow lane because I have met something almost as wide as the road itself. I try to be philosophical and tolerant about it, I realise they are trying to do their job, and to beat the British weather.

There are a couple of things that rile me that I am going to have a gripe about, one aimed at tractor drivers, the second at other drivers.

  • I am amazed at how often when I pass a large heavy tractor pulling a huge piece of machinery, or a loaded trailer, the driver is obviously talking into the mobile phone he is holding to his ear with one hand, leaving just his other arm to control the monster machine he is in charge of.
  • While I have been driving along our local A roads I have often met a large tractor coming the other way with a queue of cars and vans behind it. Three times in one week I have had to take avoiding action when the driver of the car immediately behind the tractor decided to pull out and overtake despite the fact I am coming the other way.

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