Two portions? Who eats half a bag of pork scratchings?

I was recently eating a bag of pork scratchings along with my pint and was bored enough to read the ‘Nutritional Information’ panel on the back of the panel. I was surprised to see the words ‘PACK CONTAINS TWO SERVINGS’ and then the figures for calories, fat content etc quoted ‘Per 21g serving’.

Who buys a pack of pork scratchings and only eats half the pack there and then? I cannot remember the last time, if ever, I saw someone break off in the middle of consuming their salty snack at the bar and carefully fold the plastic wrapper over and slip it in their pocket to eat later.

So why quote servings by the half bag? I can only conclude it is an attempt to try and make them look less unhealthy and shift the blame onto us consumers who are so greedy that we ignore the serving suggestion and make a pig of ourselves by gobbling a whole bag down in one sitting.

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