A pair of old Westward Television start-up videos

Westward Television held the ITV regional franchise for Cornwall, Devon along with parts of Dorset and Somerset. Westward TV served the South West of England for twenty years between 1961 and 1981.

I grew up watching Westward on an old 405 line VHF Bush TV set. I have fond memories of the characters who presented for them. These included Judi Spiers, Roger Shaw, Clive Gunnel and Kenneth MacLeod. And then of course there was local legend and birthday presenter Gus Honeybun.

As a West Dorset resident we were on the edge of three ITV coverage areas. Over towards Dorchester they got Southern Television. In South Somerset it seemed some people got Westward while their near neighbours watched HTV.

Back in those days television was not on twenty four hours of the day like it is now. Westward TV had a daily start-up film to open their broadcasting day. This showed a montage of scenes from around the region accompanied by rousing music.

Luckily people recorded and kept these and have uploaded them to YouTube. Below are two different versions, one obviously earlier than the other.

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