You know where you are with Dorset finger signposts

I remember as a child having it pointed out to me that different counties had different designs for their fingerpost signs at road junctions.

One major difference between the signposts in Dorset and those in neighbouring Devon and Somerset was that Dorset County Council usually topped theirs with a cast metal roundel resembling the London Underground logo in design. These had ‘DORSET’ at the top, the Ordnance Survey six digit grid reference on the bottom, and the place name where the junction was located across the centre bar.

There were a few places where the county boundary had changed where you could still spot a Dorset sign post in what was now Devon or vice versa.

Over the years many of these posts have deteriorated, fingers have broken off and roundels have disappeared and so Dorset Area Of Natural Beauty Partnership have created the Dorset Fingerpost Project to get as many as possible restored to their former glory.

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