Anyone remember Chipmunk Crisps?

When I was a child I remember occasionally being treated to a bag of crisps, or chips as we called them. The brand I really remember from back then is Chipmunk Crisps. We used to eagerly buy these from “Baker Bill” who drove the Mothers Pride van selling bread door to door.

I haven’t seen or heard of Chipmunk potato crisps for years. I wondered what had happened to them, or even if I had imagined them. An online search proved I wasn’t the only one being nostalgic about this savoury snack. For example they are waxing lyrical about Oxo flavour Chipmunk crisps on the Do You Remember website from which I ‘borrowed’ my pack image.

I did see on suggestion that Chipmunk potato chips were made by the same company that owned the maker of Oxo cubes. If true it would explain how they got to produce that particular flavour. I have no idea if that is correct or what happened to the Chipmunk brand. If anyone can throw any further light on this, or wants to share any other crisp related memories please do so below.

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  1. Now we are leaving the club ( EU ) will we be able to have Chipmunk Oxo crisps again?. They were the best crisps around, we used to have them every Thursday in the shopping order

  2. Hi, I worked at the Long Buckby factory where Chipmunk Crisps were made between 1974 to 1978. But by this time Golden Wonder had taken over. As employees we were were allowed to purchase crisps at a reduced prices and you would get half a line packing into Chipmunk bags and the other half into Golden Wonder bags. Friends and neighbours would not believe that the crisps all came from the same fryer. The fryers were oil then. We also made Cheesy Wotsit’s??. It was great place to work. Some of the names I remember, Bill Moore, Pete Rhodes, Les Bailey, Sandra Priest, Ray Mathey & his sister Ann?, Pete Kay, Dave Christie (Works Engineer), Liam Brown (now dead), Roy Woodward. I left there as engineering foreman and went on climbing the career ladder.

  3. I remember cheese and onion flavour Chipmunk crisps, as well as Oxo in early or mid sixties. Always wondered what had happened to them. Interesting after all these years to just find out they’d been taken over by Golden Wonder. I’m sure they were the first crisps to have ever had a flavour.

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