Anyone remember Greens motor dealership in Bridport?

I wrote the piece below in December 2013. Since then nearly everything mentioned in the article has changed. Motorwell have pulled out of Bridport leaving an empty car showroom and forecourt. The Co-op have sold the petrol station to RSS who re-branded it Esso. The View From newspaper group has also disappeared.

I see from an article in the View From Bridport free newspaper that Bridport is to get a Fiat car dealership.

It seems that Motorwell Group who currently run the Mitsubishi car dealership on East Road, Bridport by the roundabout will also be selling and servicing Fiat cars from a second showroom on the same site.

This got me thinking back to when there were two separate companies operating two sets of separate car dealerships and petrol forecourts on that site. If I remember correctly Greens Motors occupied where the Co-operative shop and Texaco forecourt now are and Bridport Motor Company operated from where Motorwell now trade.

This brings me onto the point of this post. I remember Greens Motors being a Datsun dealership but I believe prior to selling Japanese cars they were Fiat dealers. Can anyone with a long memory confirm or deny this?

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  1. Yes that is correct. Greens did sell Fiats there. My grandmother bought a Fiat 500 from them in July 1970 and I still own it now.

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