Artisan Boule Merde

First published in May 2014.

I dislike the word ‘Artisan’, it smacks of pretension and this colours my view of those small businesses that seem to use it as a badge of honour.

It doesn’t only apply to the little guys, the big boys are getting in on the act too, as with the Artisan Boule loaf I spotted in Morrison’s in store bakery display. Not only are they using ‘Artisan‘, they are also calling it a ‘Boule‘, the French word for a round loaf or what we Brits call cob loaf, or at least we do if we are not trying to sell it with marketing buzz words.

I only hope the use of ‘Artisan‘ by the supermarkets devalues the word to such an extent in the eyes of the public that it disappears from use.

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