British Beaver Sightings

The following was news back in January 2014. Since then there have been many more sightings.

BBC 1 South West Spotlight News are carrying a story today about the sighting of a beaver in Devon near the River Otter on Knightstone Farm in Ottery St Mary. They even had a black and white video of the creature that looked to have been recorded on an infra red camera.

This reminded me of tales going around years ago about a beaver being spotted living on the river on the Forde Abbey estate in West Dorset. There was speculation that it was an escapee from the nearby Cricket St Thomas Wildlife Park just across the Somerset border near Chard.

The wildlife park at Cricket St Thomas which was also to host to TV character Mr Blobby and Blobbyland closed back in 2009. The manor house, which stared as the fictional Grantley Manor in the 1970s sitcom ‘To The Manor Born‘, is now a Warner Leisure Hotel.

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