Cool trick for Doctor Who fans on Google Street View

Google Street View is a great tool and one I turn to regularly both for work and leisure. It can take you to places both at home and in other countries that you would not normally get to see.

As a company Google have a sense of humour and have inserted “Easter Eggs” in many of their products, such as the secret pictures and more recently games that can be found in their Android operating system.

Getting back to Doctor Who I recently had my attention drawn to a rather cool trick Google have incorporated into Google Street View when visiting one particular place in the United Kingdom’s capital city, London.

The picture shows that there is a Doctor Who style old fashioned British Police Telephone Box which stands just outside Earl’s Court Underground Station in London.

The same phone kiosk can be seen again in the Google Street View below.

You can use your mouse  or track-pad etc to move around the scene. Next try clicking just outside the doors of that phone box and see what happens.

When you have finished exploring be sure to share this with all your SciFi fan friends.

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