Dorset Wiggs

I recently came across a mention of Dorset Wiggs, something I had never heard of before. If you are as baffled as I was it seems they are a traditional bun spiced with cloves, mace and nutmeg.

I found a couple of recipes for Dorset Wiggs online, one at Recipewise, the other at the impressively named The Foods of England Project.

I then discovered that Dorset Wiggs had featured on an episode of the ITV television series Ade In Britain starring Ade Edmondson. In the show Edmondson is shown actually making Dorset Wiggs which he refers to as a type of teacake.

I found the footage below on YouTube. Celebrity MasterChef winner Ade Edmondson has certainly mellowed since is days as one half of the anarchic comic double act ‘The Dangerous Brothers’ along with his long term collaborator Rik Mayall.

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