Have you been up the Duchess of Cornwall recently?

So when were you last in the Duchess of Cornwall?

Of course I am talking about the Poundbury pub “The Duchess of Cornwall Inn”. The hotel opened in late 2016 and is tied to the Blandford Forum based brewery Hall & Woodhouse.

I was in Dorchester and decided to drop in on my way home to see what all the fuss was about. My glass of Badger beer was tasty if a little pricey. The bar was smart but rather pretentiously designed and decorated, much like Poundbury itself.

But was the name wise?

As a final thought lets come back to the name, The Duchess of Cornwall. Poundbury is on Duchy of Cornwall land, and it stands on Queen Mother Square. I suppose the royal name was almost inevitable, but did they spot the potential for innuendo? Or are the residents of Poundbury to refined and genteel to quip they are “Slipping up The Duchess of Cornwall”?

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