Who else thinks KaraFun is a dubious Karaoke name?

I called into a local pub over the weekend for a quiet pint, or at least that was the intention. On entering I discovered my evening was going to be anything but quiet as they were hosting a karaoke night.

As with any karaoke there were loudspeakers, microphones and a monitor screen displaying the lyrics to the songs, and all of this was being run from a laptop computer by a chap sat at a table. During a lull in the singing I glanced across the room and spotted screen where lyrics had previously been now had a logo on it declaring “KaraFun”. I did a a double take and looked again and yes there was the website address KaraFun.com, perhaps it is just my dirty mind but to me that screams a different sort of website altogether.

On getting home I looked at the KaraFun.com website and to my relief it is a legitimate provider of karaoke software and services, not some seedy site featuring a scantily clad lady called Kara.

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