Ever noticed something odd about that pair of arches in West Street, Bridport?

If you are familiar with West Street in Bridport you probably know the two shops set back behind a pair of arches, Jaxson’s Deli on the left and to the right ‘Chickenland and Pizza’.

How closely have you looked at these two arches, or rather have you observed them from a distance? If you have you will have spotted they quite markedly do not match, the left hand arch is considerably bigger.

Why on earth should this be? Well I am pretty sure I have seen an old photo showing the building used to be an inn or hotel and while the left hand arch was there in those days what is now the deli was not. The left hand arch was like the ones you still see on many licensed premises today, the alleyway that went through to the rear of the building. The shop must have been constructed in the space after it ceased to be a hostelry.

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  1. I think there used to be a pub there called ‘The Star’. I’ve been told that’s where my great grandfather was a landlord.

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