False promises of free milk

A grumble from back in January 2014.

Alright the title is probably a bit ‘Over The Top’, but feeling a bit peeved.

Last weekend I picked up the free ‘Waitrose Weekend‘ paper in the Bridport branch. Inside was the cut out coupon shown above offering a free two pint bottle of Essential Waitrose 1% Fat Milk. I tore it out and stuck it in my wallet.

I was in Bridport on Wednesday afternoon and so popped into Waitrose to collect my free milk, along with a few other groceries.

As much as I searched the chilled shelves of the milk display I could not find the purple topped 1% fat milk. There was not even an empty shelf where it should have been. It looks like it is just not stocked in the Bridport Waitrose store.

Now I guess the ‘Offer subject to availability’ clause on the voucher covers Waitrose in this situation, but surely I can’t be the only West Dorset resident who has been caught out and feels the pee has been taken by offering something free that was not actually available?

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