Fanta Raspberry & Passionfruit – Special Edition

First published in June 2015.

When I went into the Nisa convenience store earlier today I had no intention of buying a can of fizzy pop but there in the cooler cabinet was this green can of Fanta with the words “SPECIAL EDITION” and the price of just “59p” emblazoned on it.

Looking closer it turned out to be Fanta Raspberry & Passionfruit flavour. Curiosity got the better of me and I bought one.

So what was it like? Well I am afraid it was pretty nondescript, bland even, with very little hint of either raspberry or passion fruit. Would I buy it again? No I would not waste even 59p on it again.

One final note looking at the ingredient list it does contain both raspberry juice and passionfruit juice, a whopping 0.1% each with 2.8%orange juice.

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