Farewell to the Co-operative Bank in Crewkerne, & welcome back (temporarily) Bristol & West

An observation from May 2014. The building now houses a solicitors office.

There was speculation in the local press in recent months that the Co-operative grocery store in Falkland Square in Crewkerne was going to close and be replaced by an Iceland frozen food shop. Those rumours came to nothing but while in Crewkerne today I noticed the recently re-branded Co-operative Bank branch was no longer there.

The Co-operative Bank has been changing the signage on the Britannia branches it took over a while back and the Crewkene one had been sporting a temporary Co-op banner. Today not only had the Co-operative sign been taken down but the Britannia one had too revealing the building’s previous Bristol & West livery, the windows had been painted out with whitewash too.

It looks like the Crewkerne branch has fallen victim to the Co-operative Bank’s recent emergency restructuring and been closed. I hope the staff who worked there have been found alternative positions

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