A song from the late Fred Wedlock – Tights in White Satin

I thought I would share a YouTube video I found of of Bristol singer and funny man Fred Wedlock performing his song about an Ann Summers party titled Tights in White Satin.

I discovered Fred’s work many years ago when I spotted his LP Out Of Wedlock in the record rack of Sweets, the TV shop in North Street, Crewkerne. The image on the cover of Fred outside a church, wearing a morning suit with binder twine tied around his legs, accompanied by a pram and a blue guitar case made it a must buy.

Later I had the privileged of seeing Fred perform live at a pub in Sidbury, East Devon, in a show arranged by Fred’s friend and lead singer of the band Strawbs, Dave Cousins.

The song below was recorded live at the Ridings High School Arts Centre, Bristol 26 February 1998.

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