What happened to Ivor Dewdney of Sidwell Street , Exeter?

I wrote about the strange tale of the two Ivor Dewdney’s back in 2012 (see below) but the one based in Sidwell Street, Exeter disappeared soon afterwards. Can anyone shed any light on what happened to them? They used to make tasty sandwiches which they then distributed to other outlets around the area for them to sell.

Of course the other Ivor Dewdney, the Plymouth based pasty bakery are still going strong, and ironically have a shop in Burnthouse Lane, Exeter.

Below is what I wrote in 2012.

I regularly see Ivor Dewdney branded sandwiches and pies on sale in the chiller cabinets of small shops and petrol stations. These are made by a company called Ivor Dewdney Bakery Ltd based in Sidwell Street in Exeter where they also have a shop. But then there is a Plymouth based company called Ivor Dewdney Pasties Ltd who specialise in pasties.

Ivor Dewdney is not an everyday sort of name so it seems unlikely the two started completely independently but searching the internet I can't find the story behind the two companies and how they both came to both be operating under the same brand name. Can anyone enlighten me please?

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