Fancy a laugh? Try reading about Harry Cocque

I came across the fictional character Harry Cocque a while back via his postings on Twitter.

Harry is an elderly gentleman in his nineties. He resides at the equally fictional Piddlewell Moorhen Rest Home for the faintly bewildered.

Harry Cocque is the invention of Dorset resident Colin Baines. Colin wrote up the tales of Harry’s 1930’s Dorset childhood in a book called Harry Cocque : That’s Reet Boy!

I ordered myself a copy via Amazon. On it’s arrival I found myself chuckling loudly to myself as I dipped into the short one or two page tales.

Colin followed up with a sequel Harry Cocque : Dung and Doodlebugs. This follows Harry’s army carer during the Second World War. Harry finds himself on special duties at a secret establishment and so he spends his war in his native Dorset. This second volume has a more traditional structure of flowing chapters rather than individual short tales. Again I was drawn in by the humorous tales of young Harry’s escapades. Again I finished the book from cover to cover very quickly.

Hopefully there may be a third instalment of the doings of Harry Cocque on the way sometime. I look forward publication.

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