I had always assumed that Cadbury Freddo was a British frog, but …..

I fondly remember eating Freddo chocolate frogs made of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate back when I was a kid. All these long years later Cadbury Freddo bars are still on sale.

Given how quintessentially British Cadbury Dairy Milk is I just always assumed that Freddo chocolate bars were a British invention emanating from Bournville, the home of Cadbury chocolate.

It turns out I was mistaken, Freddo is in fact an Antipodean frog. According to Wikipedia Freddo Frog started life in 1930 as a product of the magnificently named MacRobertson’s Steam Confectionery Works of Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia.

The heirs of the MacRobertson’s company sold the business to Cadbury in 1967 and I assume they soon realised Freddo could be a winner in the UK and started producing them over here.

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