Improving The Sound On A Modern Flat Screen LCD Television

Television sets have come a long way in recent years. The large bulky TV sets of yesterday have been replaced by modern thin flat screen LCD models.

One thing that generally has not improved with modern televisions is sound quality. The digital signals that bring us our programmes these days generally deliver high quality audio content. This is negated by thin television bodies which lead to tiny speakers being fitted. This can lead to thin underwhelming sound coming out. Those old bulky sets did at least have room to fit a reasonable size loudspeaker.

I have a 32 inch Samsung UE32EH5000 LCD television. It is a great bit of kit for the price I paid, but the sound does leave something to be desired. To solve this I decided to try hooking up a set of 2.1 speakers, the sort you normally attach to a computer. A bit of hunting around and I found a set I liked on Amazon.

I simply plugged the speakers into the televisions headphone socket. The improvement i sound quality is obvious straight away, everything sounds fuller. The speakers I bought were only a cheap set, no doubt better ones would give even better results.

Another alternative would be a soundbar specifically designed to hook up to a TV set.

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