Is this the most inappropriately named cookbook ever?

You want to encourage your offspring to cook so you look for a children’s cookbook. Off you go to the Amazon web site to find something that fits the bill. You find a recipe book featuring a much-loved children’s literary character. What could be more suitable?

What if the is book titled Cooking with Pooh? Can you help but snigger?

Hang on there, Winnie-the-Pooh is a national institution. Having Pooh Bear encouraging your little ones to take an interest in the kitchen can only be a good thing. But still, Cooking with Pooh! You cannot help but wonder was the double entendre intentional?

Customers reviewing the book on Amazon get the joke. One wrote “Finally a cook book that tells you how to complete the human digestive process“.

It doesn’t end with cooking.

Oh no. There are other Pooh books with dodgy titles. Maybe a natural progression from eating the results of the first book there is Pooh Gets Stuck.

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