Lichfields Peanuts

I wrote the piece below back in 2013 after trying Lichfieds peanuts for the first time.

I cannot say I have noticed them on sale anywhere while out and about recently. I did however spot them available by the card on Amazon.

It looks like Lichfields is an in house own brand used by the Bookers cash and carry chain. This explains why their products only seem to turn up in pubs and catering establishments.

In the last year or so have noticed the Lichfields brand name on those little sachets of tomato ketchup, salad cream, horseradish sauce, vinegar etc you get with meals in pubs and cafes. I had never heard of Lichfields before and previously these condiments would have carried familiar brands such as Heinz.

Recently while having a pint in the pub I fancied some peanuts. I know I shouldn't, watch the waistline etc, but hey ho.

I was handed an unfamiliar pack of salted peanuts, not the usual Big D, KP or Sun Valley. Yes they were Lichfield peanuts, obviously they are branching out. I cannot say I was over impressed with them, peanuts vary between brands and these were not one of the good ones, I found them hard and tasteless.

This week I thought I would give them a second chance and tried a pack of Lichfields dry roasted peanuts. I am afraid I was disappointed again. That distinctive seasoning taste that dry roasted peanuts have was there, but nothing like as strongly as I would expect from other brands.

Now these things are all a matter of personal taste and some may think these are the best tasting around, but in future if I fancy a bag of peanuts when I am out and see Lichfields on the card hanging behind the bar it is very likely I will decide to not bother.

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