Loose frozen veg in farm shops – expensive compared to supermarkets! So who buys it?

I occasionally wander around a farm shop to see what is on offer. While in a Devon farm shop recently I saw the loose frozen broad beans pictured here at what seemed a really high price and so took a photo to remind me to investigate further.

In many Farm shops I see freezers with loose frozen vegetables and fruit so that customers can scoop as much as they want into a plastic bag and get them weighed at the tills when paying. Now most of the produce on offer in these freezers is easily available in packs in the freezer section of supermarkets and so I wondered who buys these items loose, especially as they seem expensive compared to supermarket equivalent.

Back to comparing the price of those farm shop broad beans, the price ticket says 48p per 100g. So how does that compare to packs of frozen broad beans in the supermarkets? Well the easy way to find out is to look at the mySupermarket web site which allows price comparisons of products across the major supermarkets. Looking at mySupermarket in late May 2016 I see 650g packs of frozen broad beans priced at £1.20 at both Sainsbury’s and Waitrose, that is just 18.5p per 100g, less than half the price of the same product I saw on sale loose in the farm shop. The per 100g prices at other supermarkets varied slightly both higher and lower.

So this begs the question who is paying the prices asked by the farm shops rather than saving money picking these up during their regular supermarket shop?

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