Man About The House – Do you remember this 70s TV sitcom’s suggestive closing credits?

Hands up if you remember the 1970s ITV sitcom ‘Man About The House‘. It featured two women and one man sharing a flat and the awkward situations that arose from this.

As sitcoms go ‘Man About The House’ was very much of it’s time. That said flat sharing has been used as a vehicle for other TV comedies throughout the years. Two that spring to mind are ‘The Liver Birds’ and ‘Game On’.

Anyway getting back to ‘Man About The House‘. Do you remember the closing credits  showing different images? The ones with two feminine elements and one masculine one representing the three sharers? For example two lipsticks and a shaving brush?

Do you remember the naughty one? The one showing two cats either side of a cockerel. Did you get the double entendre at the time? I know I didn’t see the intended joke as a kid, it struck me much later watching repeats.

There were several versions of the credits for Man About The House. At least two versions shared the cock and two pussies gag.

For those feeling nostalgic there are various Man About The House DVDs available on Amazon.

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