The Market House Inn, Bridport (no, not the Royal Oak)

In the White Lion Inn in Broadwindsor there used to be an old 1904 photograph of East Street, Bridport. Actually looking at the photo it is obvious to a local that it had been taken from West Street. It showed where East Street and West Street meet opposite the Town Hall.

One thing I noticed was “Market House Inn” written over the front of one of the smaller premises in the photo.

Now Bridport currently has a pub called the Market House. Today’s Market House inn is what Palmers brewery renamed the Royal Oak on the corner of West Street and North Street after tarting it up. The 1904 Market House in the old photograph is obviously not the modern one. The old one is further up towards the centre of town.

I searched the internet to try and find the 1904 picture and did so easily. It is the one in this link, part of the Francis Frith collection of photographs. The old Market House Inn is the building with the horse and cart directly outside.

So what now occupies that building? Google Street View made it quite easy to compare the contemporary street scene to the 1904 one. It would seem the building that was the Market Place Inn has been knocked down. So has almost half of the building to the right of it. In their place stands the modern building at 1 West Street that houses the Job Centre.

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  1. Ref “The Market House” in West St. Bridport. I think you’ll find that this site was cleared by a German Bomb in WW2. Hence the brutalist architecture of the Job Centre and the opticians next door. If I’m right on that, we can speculate further that Palmers have used one of their old Pub Names in place of Royal Oak which had a reputation that the Brewery didn’t want to carry over.

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