Meeting at Northampton Station

I heard the following tale from someone who claimed it actually happened several years ago at a company he was working for in Northampton.

The company were expecting a visit from a very important American client. The VIP guest was flying over to London from the USA and then travelling up to Northampton by train.

A member of staff was sent to the station to collect their guest and escort him back to the companies offices. He was carefully briefed as to the importance of this client and the care and respect he should be treated with.

The employee met the train the American was supposed to arrive on but the visitor was not on it. The employee phoned back to the office to relay the news and a minor panic ensued, what could of happened to their guest?

There then came a phone call to the company from an irate American that supposedly went like this.

American Visitor: “What is going on? I have arrived at the rail station and there is no-one here to pick me up! Where is your man?”

Company Employee: “I am very sorry. I am not sure what has gone wrong. The chap who was sent to meet you is at Northampton station. He says he met the train and you did not get off it”


American Visitor: “Oh I’m sorry. I’m on the wrong side of town. I’m at Southampton train station!”

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