Have you noticed this window just inside Bedfred in Bridport?

Next time you are wandering around the town centre in Bridport have a look just inside the door of Betfred at 6 West Street. Don’t worry you don’t need to go into the betting shop itself, just glance through the open door into the lobby. There you will spot the rather interesting wooden three window arrangement pictured here.

It is obviously old and well made, and it looks like the glass is a modern addition and that the apertures would have been open in the past.

When I took the photo it was a branch of Ladbrokes. They disfigured the feature with their “Over 18” sticker. Thankfully Bedfred who have taken over the premises have taken the poster down.

So why is it there? What purpose did it serve? I was told that it was the payment window for a previous occupant of the premises. You did your shopping in the shop behind and then paid at the window as you left. Can anyone confirm this? If this was the case what was being sold? Someone suggested to me that the building had previously housed a butchers shop and this payment counter was theirs.

Can anybody throw any further light on this conundrum? If so please leave details in the comments section below.

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