It points to Abbots Wootton and where?

Travel between Wootton Fitzpaine and Whitchurch Canonicorum in West Dorset and you will come across the finger post pictured here at Baker’s Cross.

Look at the sign closely and you might notice a couple of interesting spellings.

First there is “Abbots Wootton”, should that be “Abbotts Wootton” with two letter Ts? Google throws up both spellings making it look like this is one of those places where the spelling has been rather fluid depending on who was doing the writing. The earliest reference I could see concurs with the finger post with only one T in “Abbots”.

The second interesting spelling is obviously a spelling mistake. Look at the two pictures. Marshwood is correctly spelt on one side of the projecting finger, but on the other side it becomes “Marswood”. I guess the workman who made it was having a bad day.

The local Parish Council are currently getting the finger posts in their area refurbished. I wonder what will happen to this one when they get around to it? Will the error be corrected?

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