In praise of a Zanussi Z9292T washing machine

In May 2012 I had to buy a new washing machine, I chose a Beko model. Below is what I wrote at the time about the 27 year old Zanussi it replaced.

I've just had to buy a new washing machine. I somehow doubt it will last twenty seven years like its predecessor!

I know exactly when the Zanussi Z9292T was purchased, the date is written on the back of the instruction book in my mothers handwriting. I remember buying it too, from a small independent dealer in Crewkerne that closed years ago.

My mum needed quite a bit of persuading to get a new fancy front loading automatic washing machine. It had taken her being laid up in bed ill for some time, unable to wash by hand, to admit it might be a good idea.

I went to the library and checked out copies of "Which? magazine". They recommended Zanussi Z9292T, they were proved right. The machine outlasted my mum, and since then has given me sterling service until very recently when it stopped spinning at 1000 rpm and vibrated really badly at 500.

It has been interesting researching which machine to purchase as a replacement. I went for a Beko WMB81241LW in the end, lots of features but I can't see it making it to 2039.

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  1. Our Z9292T was a wedding present in 1985, and is still running faultlessly over 33 years later, perhaps it the Dorset environment! However, we have decided to replace the wonderful old thing as we always worry about it going wrong these days.

    Don’t know where the name YerTiz comes from but we lived in a rented house called Yertiz in 1959, 7 miles down the Ruzawi Road south of Marondera (Marandellas) in what is now Zimbabwe.

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