Remember Pascall Fruit Bon Bons?

Remember Pascall Fruit Bon Bons? I seem to recall them being available as one of the sweet selections in Woolworths pick and mix. They were an oblong shaped boiled sweet in a variety of fruit flavours with a soft chewy centre.

I had assumed they had disappeared like so many things I remember from childhood. A search revealed that the Pascall sweet brand lives on in Australia, and yes they still sell Pascall Fruit Bonbons. Then I discovered they are still available here in Britain in 200 gram bags as Bassett’s Fruit Bonbons, both Bassett’s an Pascall’s having been absorbed into the Cadbury confectionery family many years ago.

There are even similar fruit bonbon sweets from another manufacturer available from the on-line retro sweet shop A Quarter Of.

Below is a video of an old Pascall Fruit Bon Bon advert.

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