Remembering Good News in Bridport.

I wrote the following back in October 2013. As it is a little bit of Bridport history I thought it worth preserving.

Around a week ago, maybe a little more, I walked past Good News, the newsagents shop on the corner of East Street and Barrack Street in Bridport and saw the couple who have run it for years standing outside. I reflected at the time that there cannot be many shops in Bridport that have been run by the same people for so long.

Earlier today I passed by again and now there is a notice in the window saying "Under New Ownership". Shop fitters were busy at work inside and out, and it looks like the 'Good News' name is going to be replaced by 'Central'.

It is sad to see things change after all this time but I wish the outgoing owners a well deserved rest away from newsagents long hours and early starts.

On a lighter note the new window banding proclaimed "Central Convenience", something Bridport has been missing since they closed the public toilets under the rear of the Town Hall and moved the Tourist Information Centre there (Sorry, I couldn't resist)!

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